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The Ministry's Headquarters in Haiti

       The ministry's headquarters in Cap-Haitien is very near the Cap-Haitien International Airport.  It incorporates the living quarters for Rev. Claude Saintil  (photo, left) and his family on the first floor, and a meeting area/dormitory on the second floor.   The dormitory has modern plumbing with two restrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.   It can house work teams up to 20 people in two large sleeping rooms plus one smaller one.   The ministry has two vehicles, a crew-cab Toyota pickup and a Daihatsu truck for transporting work teams.

The Ministry's Churches
1. The Church at Haut-du-Cap
The Haut-du-Cap church is an inner-city church in the heart of the city foCap-Haitien.   It is located in a semi-slum area that adjoins the Cap-Haitien airport.  The area is subject to severe flooding during even moderate rains.
     Pastor Eliance  Bastien (photo, left) is the founding pastor of the church.  Pastor Bastien lost his sight to glaucoma about 6 years ago, but with the help of his wife continues to preach and lead the church.   Average attendance at the church is about 120.   The church would like a well to provide water for the baptistery, and a wrought iron door to improve security.
2. Church at Bas-Fosse
Bas-Fosse is a rural farming community about 15 miles southeast from Cap-Haitien, near the city of Limonade.   It is a voodoo infested area, with a voodoo worshipping grounds a mere 100 yards from the church.   The church sponsors a Christian elementary school, and the children are fed a lunch twice a week.  Average attendance at worship services is about 40.

        Evangelist  Camaeus Cenat  (photo, left)is currently acting as pastor for the church.   The roof of the church building needs repair, and the a new latrine is also needed.         

3. The Church at La Suisse
 The church at La Suisse is in a rural farming community about 10 miles southwest of Cap-Haitien.   La Suisse is the birthplace of the Ministry's National Director, Rev. Claude Saintil.   The average attendance is about 50.   The church sponsors a Christian school, and feeds the students lunch twice a week.

       The interim pastor of the church is Philistin Metlellus (photo not available).  A culvert is needed for rainy weather access from the ditch separating the church from the road.

The Church at Ceciline

Ceciline is named after a lady who made a living selling fried pork, plantains and sweet potatoes in the area.   It is a rural area, also near Limonade, about 14 miles from Cap-Haitien.   Recently there has been much unrest between residents and the police.      
     Pastor Renel Jacques (photo, left) is the founding pastor of the church, and has completed a seminary degree in theology.   The average attendance at the church is about 60.   The church needs a pump for their well, and would like a fence for security.     
5. The Church at Savane Carree
The church at Savane Carree is about 40 miles east of Cap-Haitien, the church farthermost from the ministry's headquarters.   Locals raise a few goats, but there is no farming. Traditionally in Haiti, any place where crops cannot be grown is called a savanna, hence the name.    The rocky ground here has thus far thwarted drilling a well at our church site.
     Pastor Parisien Saintilbert left a well-paying job as school teacher in Cap-Haitien to found the church before it became affiliated with our ministry.   The average attendance is about 120.  Besides a well, the church wants to complete the baptistery and stucco the church walls.

6. The Church at Limbe

     The church at Limbe is in a picturesque city about 30 miles west of Cap-Haitien.   It is the home of the Christian University of Northern Haiti.  The church sponsors a Christian school, and the students are fed a lunch twice a week.   Pastor Jean-Jacquelin Azemar has been pastor there for almost 20 years.   The average attendance is about 100 in their newly completed church building.  

    The church would like a cooking pavilion for the ladies who prepare lunches for the school children, plus a pulpit and pews for their new building.

7. The Church at Cardinaux

     This rural church is located south of Cap-Haitien.    Pastor Decesse Bien-Aime is pastor here, but lives a good distance from the church. This requires 4 hours transit time for him, using several "tap-taps."    Pastor Decesse needs a motorcycle! 

      The church has an active congregation of about 60 people, and recently held a special celebration for church youth.    The original church building is shown in the photo, but the church now meets in an abandoned medical clinic.  The Board has a goal to build a new building for this church this year.

8. The New Church at Cap-Haitien

       Pastor Maneson’n Pierre became pastor of the ministry’s newest church in urban Cap-Haitien this year.   After a long time without a pastor (who died) the people are hungry for the Word of God.  Attendance at worship services has grown steadily and has reached 109.

       The church has five Sunday school classes and seven teachers.    They love our doctrinal tenet according to Rev. Saintil, and are very thankful for the Bibles and songbooks provided by the ministry.   They are in need of a new building and would like to start a Christian school at the church.

The Ministry's Board of Directors and Executive Director

       The Board of Directors and Executive Director of Light and Life Evangelical Ministries are diverse in background, gifts, and location, but stand united in their desire to make a substantial difference in the spiritual condition of the people of northern Haiti. The Board of Directors is composed of five men who are active in their evangelical churches, and all of them have extensive experience with Christian ministries in Haiti.

Fred Mindach
 Gerry Molitor, our President,has been going on short-term missions to Haiti for 26 years, and has been on missionary boards serving Haiti for over 25 years.  He has been an elder and a deacon in his local church for over 18 years. He lives in Middle Tennessee where he is the owner of an insurance agency.

 Rev. Josh Brooker, our vice President, is pastor of the Experience Community Canon County in Woodbury, TN. He is deeply committed to Biblical teaching, missions and equipping churches.   He has been serving in Uganda for the past few years with Jesus Commissioned Ministries, training and equipping pastors in local churches across East Africa.

 Clyde Nevins, our Secretary, is a retired NASA engineer who has made thirteen short-term mission trips to Haiti beginning in 1999.  He is our resident architect, and has designed the ministry's dormitory and two sizes of church buildings for the ministry's churches. He resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

 Chuck Turner is our Treasurer.   Chuck retired from a 42-year career in Corporate Computer Programming and Accounting in 2012.   He is currently involved in residential real estate investing and property management in Middle Tennessee.  He has made four short-term mission trips to Haiti.



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