February 2011 - Lifelines Newsletter 

January Work Team Report
     A seven-man work team made great progress during their week in Haiti in early January.   Led by Gerry Molitor, the team was divided into three groups to tackle the tasks of putting the roof on the dormitory, enlarging and improving the septic system, and getting the ministry’s Jeep Grand Cherokee back in running condition.    The U.S. team was augmented by 18 Haitian men arranged by Rev. Saintil to help with the carpentry and the digging. 

    God blessed the team with excellent weather (it had been raining for several days prior to their arrival), and safety.   The dormitory’s masonry walls had been completed by a Haitian crew after the initial work on them last October, so Mike Mitchell, Kevin Shreiber and Mark Baker were able to make the roof trusses, erect them, and install the corrugated metal roofing. 

    The septic system was perhaps the larger challenge.  The soil is very hard and does not “perk” well.   Gerry Rollins led a Haitian crew in digging a large hole and filling it with gravel.  (see photo at right)    A new seepage lateral was  also added (photo below) with a  perforated pipe for added disbursement.



     Meanwhile, Chad Molitor and Brian Owen, both experienced mechanics, repaired the ministry’s Jeep.   The Jeep had been “grounded” since October because of a serious transmission problem and a bad coolant leak.

      The team also inspected the lot on which our Cap Haitien church sits to determine what site preparation is needed prior to building the new church building there in the future.

    As always with our work teams, there were evangelism activities.   They had planned to “crash” a voodoo ceremony in the Bas-Fossé community,  but it was canceled on hearing of their plans.  The  team did, however pray over the voodoo ceremony grounds and witness to three voodoo witch doctors.   Although they did not accept Christ, several bystanders did.  At least one witch doctor attended the showing of the Jesus Film on the voodoo ceremony grounds, about 150 yards from the Bas-Fossé church. Later, our paramedic in the area was able to give some medicine to a witch doctor who was ill, after which he fully recovered. Please pray for him and the Bas-Fossé community.

 Our New Dormitory Gets a Roof 

Thanks to good weather and the considerable expertise of the work team members, the dormitory roof
was completed by the January work team.   Shown here is a photo sequence of the roof construction.

     Haitian carpenters assemble the trusses in the large room of the new dorm.

     Completed trusses were raised by hand to the top of the walls.

Trusses are positioned and attached to the masonry walls.

Trusses are erected and ready for the roofing to be added.


The corrugated roofing is nearly all in place.  Out front, the small roof over the walkway will be added later.

Dormitory Completion Progress


     We are very thankful for the progress towards completing the dormitory. Thanks to an anonymous donor who matched all contributions up to a total of $5,000, the ministry was able to complete the masonry walls in December and add the roof on the dormitory in January.  

     The chart on the left shows what work on the dormitory has been completed and what is yet to be done.   With the completion of the masonry walls and the roof, almost one half of the needed $28,500 has been donated.   We have a work team tentatively scheduled to go to Haiti in May of this year to do the plumbing and electrical work.   About $3,500, in donations will be needed in the next two months so this work can be completed as scheduled.

     The dormitory completion has been the ministry’s number one priority for a number of reasons.  First, the completed dormitory will allow larger and more diverse work teams to come to Haiti.  We very much want to have a medical team, to include both doctors and nurses, and the dormitory will enable us to accommodate them.

     Another great benefit of the dormitory is that work teams will no longer displace Rev. Saintil’s family in order to have sleeping and bathroom accommodations during their stay.

The dormitory will also have bathroom and sleeping facilities that will provide more comfort for the teams: e.g., it will have off-the-floor beds and overhead cooling fans.

           Please be in prayer about donating towards this important goal.


"Girls in Action" Provide Musical Instruments, Equipment for Evangelical Work

     "Five girls" in a Wednesday evening Bible study at Canon Community Church, in Woodbury, TN, were studying missions in September.  After seeing pictures of the ministry’s work in Haiti, this class, named Girls in Action, raised $1,150 from a 3-day rummage sale and their own donations.   Along with another $200 from an individual donor, the ministry was able to buy 3 guitars, a 1,000 watt generator, an AC/DC PA system, a DVD projector, 8 evangelical videos, and ingredients for about 300 packets of oral rehydration salts (ORS) for treating those who have contracted cholera.

     This donation inspired our National Director, Rev. Saintil, to hold revivals at each of the three churches.    More than 50 people were saved in the first two revivals.   The third was rained out but the Jesus Film was shown with this equipment by the January work team (see story on page 1). The photo below shows one of the guitars being played at the church grounds in  the Bas-Fossé community.


 News from the Churches

Compiled from the monthly reports from National Director , Rev. Claude Saintil

 The Church at Bas-Fossé

     First of all, at the Bass-Fossé church many children come and assist in Sunday school and worship service. We are very glad because that exactly meets our mission goal in instituting our schools to be sure the next generations know about Christ as Lord and Savior.   Also, the Lord has blessed the church with new members.  

     By the end of January there were a total of 17 adults who came and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior in their lives.  The little generator and videos sent by Girls in Action are generally the best contributors to these beautiful results.
     Our Evangelist, Brother Cameus, has done a wonderful job in going from house to house, visiting and praying with sick people and church members.

 The Church at La Suisse

     At the La Suisse church we do observe the same phenomena.   Many children are taking part in our spiritual activities on Sunday as well as on any day service in the temple (see photo). 

About 20 young people were saved by the end of the year 2010; unfortunately, many of them still cannot come to church because of clothes and shoes.   We sense the same situation with our new converts at Bas-Fossé.  Many are saved by do not come to church because of this dilemma.   Some of the young men saved during the October trip have just start coming to church.   We are in prayer for the rest to come.   This month we have had three of our old church members return to the congregation 

Our Most Urgent Needs

1.     We say a big thank you to you for the clothes already sent for the Bas-Fossé orphans [see story below]. However, their situation is not well.  It will be a long time before there could be improvement. They do not have any jobs, and do not make any money.  What little we share with them cannot improve that situation much. 
2.     The churches a Bas-Fossé and La Suisse both need more school benches [also used as pews]. We have about 16 16-ft. planks for making the benches, but we do not have money to pay carpenters to have them made.   Please, do continue to pray with us about these urgent needs.


Bas-Fossé Cholera Orphans Need Help 

     The cholera epidemic in Haiti has been particularly devastating in rural areas where water quality is generally poor and medical help is distant, at best.    One of our church families in Bas-Fossé lost both their mother and grandmother to the epidemic in a matter of days, leaving seven children, all girls (see photo), with no income or support.   The two older girls are married, and with their husbands are fending for themselves, but the five younger ones need help.

     A donor sent some clothing and shoes for them in December which has helped in the interim.  However, as Rev. Saintil reports: “There are needs for more clothes, shoes, food, underwear, sheets. tooth brushes, toothpaste, soap, towels, deodorant, etc.  Three of them, the little ones, need help for books and other school materials such as copy-books and uniforms. As it is now the biggest problem is food and health care.”      


The five younger girls, Pharmise, Marie-Louise, Lucile, Vilane and Midiana need a lot of help. 
Will you help them?

Please Pray…
1. For the victory against Satanism, voodooism and demonic beliefs in Haiti.
2. For the additional funds needed to complete the dormitory.
3. For the planning and implementation of a medical ministry; especially for God’s leading some general
    practitioners and nurses to meet this great need.
4. For additional Pastor/teachers to lead Bible Seminars this year in Haiti.
5. For God’s leading in building a new church building for the Cap-Haitien church.
6. For financial help for families of cholera victims.

1. For the many people who have accepted Christ through our ministry.
2. For the provisions for Pastor Bastien to study the Bible and other theological materials despite his
    severely impaired vision.
3. For the safe and successful completion of the roof on the dormitory.
4. For the completed construction of the latrine for the La Suisse church.
5. For the two additional motor scooters bought for the ministry.
6. For the audio-visual equipment, generator and 3 guitars bought for ministry use.