Evangelism: Our primary mission is to bring the gospel to lost Haitians.   The ministry has a generator and video projector to show the Jesus Film in and around our churches.

Bibles: Over 200 bibles have been distributed in Haitian Creole and French to the many who want to read God’s Word.   A  Proclaimer ministry is available so the non-readers can hear God's word in their own language.

Seminars: Bible-teaching seminars are held regularly to teach and to train pastors and deacons the fundamentals of the faith and leadership skills.

Schools:  Two Christian elementary schools have been established in rural communities where there are no schools nearby.   We started with the three lowest grades and have been adding one class per year.


Our Mission

Light and Life Evangelical Ministries supports two rural churches, both with new schools, and one inner city church.  They are located in northern Haiti, in and around Cap-Haitien, the nation's second largest city.   However, with the recent influx of refugees from the Port-au-Prince area, it may just be the largest city now.

Food: Rice and beans are distributed each month to feed the very hungry of our church families, and we have provided additional food distributions after hurricanes and earthquakes.

Water:  The availability of good water is critical to disease prevention in Haiti.  Plan are being carried out to drill a new well this year near Bas Fosse church/school.

Clothing: Donated, used clothing and shoes is made available so the poorest people may attend church.

Medical: Two Haitian paramedics, supported by our ministry, attend to the less severe injuries and illnesses of people in our rural churches.   We hope to have a week-long mobile medical clinic with U. S. doctors this year.

Eyeglasses: We periodically provide used eyeglasses donated by the Lions Club so people with poor vision may read their bibles and song books.