May 2011 - Lifelines Newsletter 
Cap-Haitien Church to Get a New Building

      The drawing above shows the conceptual design for a new building for our inner-city church in Cap-Haitien.   God put upon the hearts of the congregation at the First Baptist Church in De Kalb, Texas, to provide all the funds needed for both site preparation and construction of the new building.   Several members of the De Kalb church’s congregation have been to Haiti on work teams for the ministry, and they were touched by both the sweet spirit of the worshippers at the Cap-Haitien church, and the deplorable conditions of the building in which they were worshipping.

     The photo above shows the front entrance of the existing church building, and the photo on the right shows the empty


and swampy lot behind the church.

     To prepare the site, the accumulated trash must be removed, and then truckloads of rock and gravel must be dumped on the lot to eliminate the standing water.   Once this material is settled and compacted, the footings for the building can be poured.    The floor of the new concrete block  building will be two feet above the level of the lot to prevent damage from rising water.  Praise God for this blessing for some Haitian Christians!

Dormitory Construction is Progressing Well

     Work teams in April and May made rapid strides toward completion of the ministry’s new dormitory.   In April, the dormitory floor was refinished from what was once the roof to a level and very smooth floor. This team also completed the structure for the walkway roof.
     In May, another work team tackled the plumbing and electrical installations and began the building of interior partitions.   Some remaining electrical and plumbing work is being done by Haitian workmen who were trained and instructed by the team before returning home.   The dormitory is now considered habitable for sleeping, with perhaps a little mosquito repellant.

     The outside walkway now has a roof.

     The dormitory rooms are now wired, and have overhead fans installed to keep the air moving.

Haitian masons finished the floors in April.

Ken Flowers, of the May team, led the electrical work.

Bathroom and shower stalls nearing completion.
Toilets and bathroom sinks are ready for installation.

Ministry News from our National Director in Haiti
Compiled from the monthly reports of Reverand Claude Saintil

        I am very happy about the result of the election of our new President in Haiti.  Before and after the election day it was very fearful over the country.  The people massively voted for Mr. Martelly, but false rumors were spread everywhere that the Preval administration would choose the other candidate.  People were very furious and ready to riot.   We did pray for all the churches and for peace.  God heard, healed, and answered our prayers and delivered our country.   We do praise Him for his care and love for Haiti.  Please do continue to pray with us that Haiti will be completely placed under God.  That is our Christian faith and hope. 
     The sudden death of my brother [in February] has confused my situation.   I have now to take care of all his six children.   I went to La Suisse two weeks after his death to restart Bible studies, and many people came and told me how much my late brother was good for them and how much he used to help them.   A poor lady came in tears telling me that she has no other one to assist her.  Please pray with us about this situation. 

News From the Bas-Fossé Church:
      Ups and downs have been more or less the Bas-Fossé church situation.    Since the visit by the January team to the voodoo ceremonial place in Bas-Fossé [Ed. Note: see story on page 4], church people have been more interested, and more people get saved from week to week.   Five new converts have been baptized.  I was very excited to see the large attendance there on my recent visit, but some do not come to church because they have no clothes. Our paramedic has been very busy, and he serves the people very well.   Both wells dug by the ministry are working, but there is need for at least two more wells.   The principal, teachers and our paramedic in Bas-Fossé are very happy with the raise they have received.   I thank everyone who has contributed to make this possible.

News From the Cap Haitien Church:
The church is going very well, growing in quantity and quality.  In March, children from the Cap-Haitien church, about forty all told, spent a full day with the children of the Las Suisse Church.  It was a wonderful time and very encouraging for those children.  They sang, prayed and played together, and there were Bible verse and history competitions.   We envision taking those children to the Bas-Fossé church for the same purpose.  I have always said the future of Haiti will depend upon what men and women are Christianly prepared among today’s children.   That is why we are willing to invest Christ in their lives.  Pastor Bastien thanks the board and Dr. Ken [Howard] for the eye drops he was sent.    He says they are very helpful.   He also thanks Bro. Bill [Jackson] for all the listening materials sent to him.   He appreciates them and uses them very often.    They are exactly what he needed since he cannot otherwise read his Bible.   

News from the La Suisse Church:
 The situation of the La Suisse church is not very different from the other two churches.   People are very interested in all the daily spiritual activities.  Many take part in the prayer meetings and Bible teaching held from 3 to 6 p. m. on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Seven new converts have been baptized.   Our school at La Suisse is going very well, and all the school children worship with us on Sunday.     They are hungry, but they do not quit.   The principal, teachers and our paramedic do appreciate their raise very much, and they thank our friends and supporters who made this possible.   They are happy and encouraged.   Our paramedic, Louis Severe, from day to day, takes care of many people.   He needs a motorcycle to help him visit these people, and we are in prayer for a special place and equipment to better serve patients.



Witnessing to Witch Doctors at Bas-Fossé

      Voodoo and its Satanic influence have been prominent in Bas-Fossé where our ministry has a growing church.  Witch doctors there cast spells of illness, misfortune, or even death.   They are relatively wealthy because they exploit people who come to them with problems, taking all the money they have in exchange for a “cure” for their problems.  
     Gerry Molitor, our ministry’s president, has taken on the witch doctors in Bas-Fossé.   In January, he scheduled a Thursday trip to the voodoo ceremonial grounds...
 (see photo below)

to witness to the witch doctors and attendees, and invite them to see the Jesus Film at the church.    When the witch doctors heard he and the team were coming, they cancelled their ceremony.    Undeterred, Gerry and his team proceeded to the ceremonial grounds with about 150 Christians and prayed over the grounds, dedicating them to Christ.  [These grounds have not been used for a voodoo ceremony since then]  With Rev. Saintil, Gerry and his team were also able to share the gospel with three witch doctors who were there, one of whom was a lady.
 Two days later, a witch doctor became ill, and our paramedic, Joseph Dorelus, asked and got approval use some of the ministry’s medicine to treat him.     While treating him, Joseph witnessed to him, as he always does to his patients.   The witch doctor fully recovered.    He later asked to meet with Rev. Saintil for more discussion.  Earlier this month, Gerry, Rev. Saintil, Pastor Pierre and a new team returned to Bas-Fossé to find and visit the witch doctors on Sunday afternoon.

     They found the lady witch doctor and witnessed again to her (see photo, below).  

She refused to accept the Lord, but several people within listening distance did!   Also, her son came forward at the evening service that same day.
 Rev. Saintil, Gerry, and Dallas Kallberg spent 45 minutes with the head witch doctor at the Bas-Fossé church.   He later accompanied the team as they visited throughout the neighborhood.   He told them he wanted to accept Christ, but had a great problem.   He had been a witch doctor all his life and has no trade.   He makes $12 to $25 per day, and he would have to give this up if he accepted Christ.   He is concerned on how he will provide for his family if he cuts his ties with voodoo.   Please pray for God to resolve this man’s problem.


 Program to Feed School Children is Taking Shape

      Thanks to a generous donation from a teenager in DeKalb , Texas, and a pledge from an adult Sunday school class also in DeKalb, some significant steps toward beginning a program for feeding the school children have been undertaken.   Two large cooking pots, two serving “basins” and two large serving spoons have been purchased for the cooking, and sixty cups, bowls and small spoons have been purchased for use by the children.   

     The current plan is to begin a pilot program at the Bas-Fossé school in the fall (after the summer break).    There are some logistical problems to be solved, such as where to securely store these items and how to clean them, and we envision a need to develop eligibility requirements for participating in the program.   We also need to interview and hire cooks and determine their salaries. 
     President Gerry Molitor was able to contact the United Nations’ World Food Program office in Cap Haitien earlier this month, and if our program meets their requirements, they may supply food at no cost.   We have written them a formal letter (at their request) asking what information they need to establish our eligibility for the free food.

Young Men at LaSuisse Need Help With Music Lessons


On my recent trip to Haiti, your editor was approached after the morning service at La Suisse by Jean Baptiste Charles, Micano Severe, and Dave Saintil (shown in the photo at the right).

  They all love music, and they want to take music lessons so they might add instrumental music to the church worship.   Their problem, of course, is the cost of the lessons, which, although at $20 per month is not high, is beyond their means.  
     I promised to make public their desire, knowing that there may well be a music lover among our newsletter readers who would be called by God to support them.  

Please Pray…
1. For the victory against Satanism, voodooism and demonic beliefs in Haiti.
2. For the additional funds needed to complete the dormitory.
3. For the planning and implementation of a medical ministry; especially for God’s leading some general
    practitioners and nurses to meet this great need.
4. For additional Pastor/teachers to lead Bible Seminars this year in Haiti.
5. For our paramedics to have better transportation to visit their patients.
6. For the funds needed to establish a feeding program at each of our rural schools.
7. For the funds needed to purchase more school benches and blackboards.
8. For the funds needed to purchase a new diesel generator needed to power the new dormitory.
1. For the many people who have accepted Christ through our ministry.
2. For the donation of funds needed to build the Cap-Hatien church.
3. For the substantial progress in completing the dormitory.
4. For a new president in Haiti that brings hope for administering the country better than has been done by his predecessors.

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