Short-Term Mission Trips
Our ministry typically sponsors three or four mission trips for work or teaching teams each year.    Typically lasting about one week, these trips offer team members the opportunity to use the gifts God has given them to further the cause of Christ in a third world country, whether it be in constructing a new church building, teaching Bible truths or sponsoring Vacation Bible Schools at our churches.   The Haitian people, especially the children, are  always very welcoming, receptive and appreciative to what the teams bring to them.  At the bottom of this page you will find a "Trip Information Page" which gives you everything you need to know about going on a mission trip to Haiti.
Getting to Haiti
The two airlines below have flights from the U. S. directly into Cap-Haitien in northern Haiti:

Missionary Flights International is a non-profit missionary airline dedicated to serving missions serving in Haiti.    MFI normally flies two trips to Haiti and return each week, leaving and returning on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Flights leave from Ft. Pierce, Florida, at 7:00 a. m., and take about 5 hours.   The out-going flight includes a stop at the island of Exuma in the Bahamas for an optional breakfast.  Return flights arrive back at Ft. PIerce between 5 and 8 p. m.

American Airlines has one daily flight, both outgoing and returning, to Cap-Haitien from Miami, Florida.   Flights leave shortly before noon, Florida time, and returning flights arrive in Miami in late afternoon. This allows one-day travel to and from Haiti from most airports east of the Mississippi river.  Scheduled flight times for the American Airlines flights are about 2 hours each way.

Staying in Haiti

Our Ministry Headquarters in Cap-Haitien is located a short 5-minute drive from the Cap-Haitien airport.   The Headquarters incorporates a dormitory with two large sleeping rooms, a well equipped kitchen, a meeting/eating area and two bathrooms with showers and flush toilets.

Ministering in Haiti

Each of our short-term mission trips has its own specific goals and objectives, but they fall generally into two categories: Construction and Bible Teaching.    Construction teams have initiated  the construction on our dormitory, a  school feeding station, and four church buildings, as well as drilling or repairing water wells.   Bible Teaching teams have brought seminars on topics of current need or interest, including Vacation Bible Schools.   Regardless of the emphasis of the team, the team's week will include a "neighborhood walk" near one or more of our churches for evangelism and prayer for the needs of the people encountered.

 Some Past Construction Teams at Work

Bible Seminars and Vacation Bible Schools
Neighborhood Walks
Neighborhood walks are always a part of a work team's itinerary, albeit a construction team or a teaching team.  Typically, these walks occur on a Sunday afternoon after attending church services at one of the ministry's churches.    Team members accompany the pastor of the church and several of his seasoned Christians on a tour through the neighborhoods in the vicinity of the church, usually singing hymns as they travel from place to place.   They visit the local people in their homes, sharing the gospel and praying for their needs.     The names of those who accept Christ are taken down by a church member, and they will be followed up later in the week to encourage attendance at worship services.

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