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Eighth Church Added to Our Ministry
At its 2017 Annual Meeting, the Ministry's Board of Directors voted to add the eighth church to our family of evangelical churches in northern Haiti.  This church is located in urban Cap-Haitien, Haiti's second largest city, and is the second church located there.   The pastor of this church had died some time ago, and the widow approached the ministry for help.  For the past year, the ministry has supplied a pastor for the church, and the church has thrived.    Pastor Maneson'n Pierre, who serves the ministry as Assistant National Director, lives near the church and has filled the pulpit most often.   

New Church Building at Cardinaux Planned

The Ministry's Board of Directors voted to build a new church building at Cardinaux at their annual meeting in early August.   It was the number one priority brought to the board by National Director Rev. Claude Saintil who was in the United States to attend the meeting.

        The Cardinaux church congregation is currently meeting in an abandoned medical clinic nearby. Their former location became unusable due to constant flooding when every rain brought a river of water flowing through the dirt floor of the building.

        The 1 1/2-acre lot upon which the medical clinic is located is for sale, and it would be a prime location for the new building.   The medical clinic would be included in the sale could be used for Sunday school or a residence for the church's pastor.   The estimated cost of the lot is about $5,000 and the church construction cost is estimated at $12,000 to $13,000.   A fund raising effort will be undertaken to raise these funds.

       The left photo below shows the current meeting site at the medical clinic, and the right photo shows what the planned new church building.

Vacation Bible Schools Held by Our Churches

Vacation Bible Schools were held in all eight of the ministry's churches in the month of July.   The VBS expenses of $200 per church were provided by a donor expressly for this purpose.  
     Each church held VBS sessions for 5 days spread over a two-week period.   Children were fed at every session, and attendance increased as word got out in the neighborhoods around the churches.   At the Bas-Fosse church, attendance went from 50 on the first day to 98 on the last day.   
     The Lord used the Vacation Bible Schools to reach both children and adults with the gospel of Christ.   Rev. Saintil reports that 110 children and 10 adults were saved as a direct result of attending the VBS sessions.   Some parents came to VBS who heard about the children's classes and were curious.      Others "came for the food for their stomachs, and in addition they found more than food but the Lord Jesus Christ."   Below is one of the classes held at the Cap-Haitien church (left), and counting the meals for feeding the VBS attendees at Bas-Fosse (right) .
Two Infrastructure Improvements Completed
The Bridge at La Suisse
A much needed bridge was completed at La Suisse.   Access to the church has been a continual problem since the church first opened due to a deep ditch that separates the church from the adjacent road.   The ditch filled with water after a good rain, and was ankle deep in mud for some time thereafter.   Thanks to a faithful donor, funds were supplied to build a small bridge over the ditch.   Rev. Saintil reported, "The church people as well as the whole community thank those who have contributed to the La Suisse bridge.  The church has been faithfully praying for years about such a solution.   All the people in the area say thank you for the sacrifice in contributing to make it happen.
The Latrine at Bas-Fosse
Perhaps even more needed and appreciated was the completion of a new latrine at the ministry's church in La Suisse.   The latrine there was many years old and was "full."  The latrine services both the church and the Christian school that meets there, so it was a great inconvenience.   The new latrine features facilities for boys, girls and adults.   It will be locked so as not to be the latrine for the entire neighborhood.   The photo at the left shows Pastor Cameus Cenat in front of the new structure.

Current  prayer needs for our mission in Haiti

Please Pray…

1. For God to supply the funds needed to purchase property and construct a new church building at Cardinaux. 

2. For the victory against Satanism, voodooism and demonic beliefs in Haiti, and for witch doctors to come  
to Christ.

3. For God to provide a man to be Executive Director for the Ministry, and for the funds needed to pay his salary and expenses.

4. For the Ministry's Toyota to be brought back to a reliable means of transportation for National Director Rev. Claude Saintil.

5. For an experienced carpenter/mason to join the January work team to help construct the footings for the Cardinaux church building. 

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